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    Harper Adams University teaches drone operators to stay safe on farms

    Posted 8 February 2016

    It increases the awareness of the drone operator about the hazards of being on a farm."

    Spaces are still available to attend the BASIS Agricultural Awareness Training for Drone Operators course on Tuesday 8th March.

    Training takes place at the Harper Adams University campus, where the programme was created and launched at the end of last year.

    Jonathan Gill, research assistant and drone pilot, said: “The course was created because drone operators might be asked to work in an agricultural setting where they may not appreciate agricultural practices. 

    “They might be focussed on the technology not necessarily on the environment that they find themselves in. This course incorporates farming practice with drone regulations, legislations and hazards. 

    “Operators are increasingly being asked to produce high-definition images utilising orthomosaics and multispectral imagery, thus providing arable farmers with the essential information that they need to reduce costs and increase profitability. 

    “I deliver the drone specific elements of the course, including farm health & safety, biohazards, CAA regulations and legislation. This increases the awareness of the drone operator about the hazards of being on a farm.

    “Our entire first cohort passed the course, which is accredited by BASIS. I was really pleased that all the students passed the exam. The participants were fully engaged with the topics being delivered. 

    “As drones are now being seen as a specialised tool, particularly within agriculture, rather than simply a device to capture pictures, it seems appropriate that Harper Adams should lead the development in these areas and training from the outset.” 

    To attend the one-day course, which costs £270, fill out the application form. You can also visit the course's page to find out more.

    A second agricultural drone operator course is also being developed at the University.


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