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    Nigerian scholar's Harper experience

    Posted 4 September 2019

    “I fell in love with Harper Adams when I came here. It’s a beautiful, serene environment with a good structure, and the staff are very helpful."

    Photo of David smiling outside the Queen Mother Hall on the Harper Adams University campus

    David Edache, from Nigeria, is studying MSc Agricultural Sciences and Production Systems at Harper Adams University thanks to a Marshal Papworth Scholarship.

    The competitive scholarship, provided in conjunction between Harper Adams and the Marshal Papworth Fund, provides students from developing countries, with the opportunity to study a Masters degree at the university.

    David, 26, said: “I was looking for a Marshal Papworth Scholarship, and saw the option to come and study at Harper Adams University.

    “I fell in love with Harper Adams when I came here. It’s a beautiful, serene environment with a good structure, and the staff are very helpful.

    “Agriculture is at the core of the university; you eat, touch and sleep it. Even one of the roads is called ‘Poultry Drive’.

    “If you want academic training, but also hands-on exposure to agriculture through practical learning; Harper Adams is the place to learn. I cannot always imagine the subject a lecturer is teaching, but at Harper you don’t have to imagine; the class can be moved outdoors and you can even touch the subject you’re learning about. This exposure allows you to make memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime, instead of easily forgetting what you’ve only heard.”

    Looking back on what he’s learnt since joining the university, David said: “Since being in the UK, I’ve learnt how important management is. It needs to be correct and should be treated as the top priority.

    “When I return to Nigeria, I don’t want to be idle. I plan to take an entrepreneurial approach; start with a small farm and build-up to a large one.

    “In the future, I also hope to go back into academia. It would be very exciting to become a lecturer. I’d take what I’ve learnt from the lecturers here, and incorporate that into my style of teaching; being welcoming and happy to help as much as I can.

    “At the beginning of my time at Harper, I did feel homesick. But Harper has been a family away from home; especially with all of the support from student services and fellow students. They make you happy and help you settle in.

    “For international students, there is great support. There’s a WhatsApp group so that you can communicate and hear about events. The English language support is very good and it all helps you adjust to life in the UK and at Harper. It’s amazing how much effort they put in to making sure international students have the best experience.”

    David is currently working on his Masters thesis which is aiming to evaluate the best strategy for supplementing trace minerals in newly weaned lambs.

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