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    International Agri-Business and Food Chain Management Masters goes truly global with new online-only route

    Posted 17 January 2023

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    The International Agri-Business and Food Chain Management Masters degree at Harper Adams University has gone truly global – with the launch of an online only route opening up access to students throughout the world.

    The programme, which will be delivered in a face-to-face format for September entry and an online format for Spring 2023 entry, provides participants with an advanced understanding of the principles and practices of modern international agri-business management.

    The programme is extremely relevant to current global issues. The agricultural industry plays a critical role in addressing issues such as food security, sustainable agriculture, and rural development, which are becoming increasingly important as the global population continues to grow.

    It develops professionals for industries in the agri-food sector. These include agricultural supply industries, agricultural trade industries, agricultural cooperatives, agricultural consultancy companies, industry associations, government agencies and other allied organisations. The international focus of the course allows students to gain an understanding of the global agricultural industry and the challenges it faces.

    Students can develop their knowledge of agricultural systems, finance and human resource management and gain a detailed insight into marketing and the industries supporting agricultural production, processing, transportation and supply chain strategy.

    They will formulate effective international business strategies – frequently using case studies to focus on sectors where they have a particular interest.

    The course is ideal for those with a technical background in an agribusiness who aspire to take a management position, so want to develop their business management skills and to have a greater appreciation of the global perspective.

    It is also an excellent route for those from other sectors, who need to develop knowledge to work in roles advising the rural economy and agricultural trade, hence need to develop an in depth understanding of the industry in the global context and to advance their managerial skills. 

    Harper Adams Principal Lecturer in Economics, Dr Dimitrios Paparas, said: “This MSc degree can provide students with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to pursue leadership roles in the agricultural industry or in related fields.

    “Overall, the field of international agribusiness and supply chain management is very diverse and offers a wide range of career opportunities for graduates.”

    In the inaugural year of the online MSc programme in International Agri-business and Food Chain Management (starting Spring 2023) scholarships worth £4,480 will be offered to qualifying overseas students.

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