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Possible funded MIBTP Projects

MIBTP projects for September 2021 start

Project title Supervisor
Drivers of chemical diversity, niche-partitioning and insect resistance in cultivated and wild species of Coffee. Dr Simon Segar
Investigating Host Defence Priming Against Crop Pests Using a Bacteria-Based Effector Delivery System. Dr Andrew Beacham
Exploration of drunkorexia and its associated behaviours within the UK population. Dr Annette Creedon
Effector gene persistence in bacterial plant pathogens. Professor Dawn Arnold
Breeding for Climate Change Resilience in Brassicas – Discovering Novel Traits for Resilience to Stressful Growing Conditions. Professor Jim Monaghan
Increasing biopesticide use in oilseed rape crops – addressing barriers and realising opportunities. Dr Joe Roberts
Impacts of combined salinity and drought stress on plant physiological responses. Dr Laura Vickers
Development of a sustainable trap cropping approach for the management of potato cyst nematode (Globodera spp.) infestations. Dr Matthew Back
Does heat stress modify the physiological and molecular responses of droughted wheat to film antitranspirant? Professor Peter Kettlewell
Combining Biotic and Abiotic Stress – Investigating the Importance of Host Genotype and Influence on Integrated Pest Management Dr Andrew Beacham


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