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    The Rural Resilience Research Group (3RG) is a well-established interdisciplinary social science cluster focussed on understanding, developing and promoting resilience in the rural economy.

    ‘3RG’ has been formed as a response to the lack of recognition in policy and practice of rural issues in a rapidly changing world. The group brings together rural geographers, criminologists, economists and animal health specialists together.  The group currently focusses on the food security implications of climate change and conflict, the resilience of agricultural and food chains to emerging risks such as deliberate attack, behavioural science and farmer decision-making, and rural and agricultural crime. ‘3RG’ makes regular contributions to Parliamentary calls for evidence, policy groups, conferences, academic journals and media. We also engage in academic research, consultancy and institutionally funded pump priming projects.  

    The research group brings together specialists from criminology, social and geographical science and agri-land management to complement natural science understanding and provide innovative insights to the challenges facing global food production. As such ‘3RG’ brings a unique perspective to critically evaluating risk and resilience in food chains at a global level.  

    Contact us

    Research contact 01952 81 5113
    Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm

    Centre lead

    Our expertise

    Dr Richard Byrne focuses on climate change and conflict risks to agriculture and the global commodities economy. He works widely with HMG departments and international organisations.  

    Dr Itua Omokhomions' research covers the investment decision-making process, corporate governance structure and performance of listed real estate in developed and emerging markets. He is also interested in sustainable practices and land value and valuers' role in putting a price on sustainability in land management.   

    Dr Hannah Shaw’s research includes parasitology, livestock disease and public health. She is involved in providing practical recommendations in the form of knowledge exchange events and newsletters to farmers and vets, increasing both animal welfare and farm profitability. 

    Dr Kreseda Smith's research covers agricultural crime, farmer mental health, behavioural science, and modern slavery/human trafficking within agriculture. Her work on the impact of agricultural crime on farmer mental health provided world-first insights into this complex issue. 

    Dr Fiona Williams’ research focusses on digital engagement, digital inclusion and resilience in rural areas; and the adoption and use of ‘smart’ technologies in practice. Fiona is also interested in the social implications of policy shifts for rural communities, particularly that relating to land use, and questions of social and spatial justice.  

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