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International Exchange Programmes

When we collaborate across countries and oceans, taking on the world's biggest challenges becomes easier. That's why we have exchange programmes with institutions all over the world and are part of the Erasmus+ programme.

If you're Harper Adams student, we'll let you know about study opportunities abroad in your first year. We have exchange programmes with institutions in American, New Zealand, Japan and the EU. You'll need to achieve at least a 60% pass rate in the first year, and can study abroad for six months during your placement year.

If you're looking to study abroad at Harper Adams, ask your institution if they have a exchange programme set up with us. Alternatively, if your institution is part of Erasmus+, you'll find more details on how you can apply to study with us below.

"I would definitely recommend Harper Adams to other students looking to study abroad, as I think its experiential learning opportunities compliment nicely what many other institutions seek to teach in the classroom setting."

Erik Anders Jorgensen, Cornell University (pictured above)


Erasmus+ (for international students)

If the institution you're studying at participates in the Erasmus+ programme (and holds the Erasmus Charter for High Education) you can apply to study with us. Your institution should let you know when you can apply, usually a year before the time you'll take part. To find out more, visit the Erasmus+ pages on the European Commission's website.

What you can study

In most cases, you'll be studying a mix of level 7 modules. To see what modules are available to you, take a look at our Course Catalogue. To find out when they run please contact us for a Module Timetable. You may also be able to study some of our level 5 and level 6 modules; you'll find details for these on our course pages.

Marks for modules are graded from 0-100%. The minimum mark required to pass a module is an aggregate average mark of 40%. We typically expect more than half of the students to achieve a mark of 60% or more.

Your module choices will become a part of your Learning Agreement, agreed by both Harper Adams and your home university, which allows you to study abroad.

English Language requirements

If you're planning on studying with us as an international student with the Erasmus+ programme, there are some minimum English language requirements you'll be required to meet. To find out more about these and the support we offer, take a look at the English Language requirements and support page.

Erasmus+ (for Harper Adams students and staff)

If you're a Harper Adams student, studying abroad through the Erasmus+ programme is a great opportunity to gain an international perspective on the challenges we're facing. It'll impress future employers and improve your confidence and language skills, too.

We let all eligible students and staff know about Erasmus+ opportunities every year. At this point we'll explain how you can apply and the costs involved.

The modules you study abroad will be recognised towards your degree. You'll need to complete the equivalent of 60 credits of study, at a level approved by your Course Manager. You may also be able to have the additional prefix of International added to your degree title.

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