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How to borrow physical books

  • We are there at the Welcome Desk to help you find books, so do ask us. The quickest way to do this is to find where the book is in the library using HOLLY and then issue it to yourself using  the self-issue machine on the Ground Floor. 

    If you prefer you can use the Click and Collect Service.

  • First find the book on HOLLY, make sure you are logged in

  • Click on the ‘Request’ button which appears just above the location of the book.

  • You will receive an automated email once it is available to pick up from the Click and Collect area on the Ground Floor. This may not be until the following day (or on Monday if it is the weekend) depending on when you make the request.

    If the item is on loan to another user it will not become available to you until they have returned it.

How long can you borrow books for?

  • Items are issued to most borrowers for 7 days initially, then renew automatically each day. The item is always due back in 7 days until someone else requests it, you have had it for 12 months (2 months in the case of External members and Short course students) or your membership expires. Items are issued to Distance Learners and taught Postgraduate students for 21 days in the first instance.

How many books can you borrow?

  • External members and short course students – up to 6 items
  • Other students and staff - up to 30 items

If you have a book on loan and it fails to renew it will be because someone else has requested it, you have had it for nearly 12 months (2 months for external members and short course students) or you are nearing the end of your Library membership you will receive an email to inform you of this and of the date the item is due. Please return the item by this date to avoid a fine.


You will only be fined if you have a book on loan which someone else requests and you do not return it by the due date. You have a week to return a requested item to us once the request is placed. You will receive an email notifying you the book has been requested and won't be automatically renewed. The fine will only be applied if you do not return it and it is overdue. The fine rate is £1 per day.

If you have a book that is more than 6 weeks overdue, it will automatically incur a £50 replacement charge, so please do get in touch with us if there are any issues as we will probably be able to help.

If you have outstanding fines of £10 or more, you will not be allowed to borrow or renew items until this fine is paid.

You can pay your fines online using a credit or debit card via your HOLLY account. If you don't have any outstanding fines or charges, you cannot credit your account.

Checking what books you have on loan

You can check what books you have on loan by logging into My library account.There is a quick link to this from the library home page. You login using your Harper email address and normal Harper network password.

If you have any problems with the items you have on loan please do talk to us or email us

Suggest a book

You can let us know if there is a book we do not have enough copies of, or if you have seen a book that you think the library should have, by emailing or just talk to us. We welcome suggestions from both staff and students.

Lost, damaged or stolen books

Please tell us as soon as possible. If the item cannot be found, you will be billed for a replacement copy.

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