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Document supply

Obtaining books and articles from other libraries

This service is available to staff, postgraduates (apart from those studying via Improve International, unless undertaking the module A7097, A7114) and undergraduate students. Undergraduates usually make use of this service while doing their final major project If we do not have a particular book, it is usually possible for us to borrow it for you, or obtain a copy of a journal article, from another library.

You can request a book or article by using the form on HOLLY. 

OR if the document is not indexed on HOLLY please complete a blank inter library loan request form Blank request form

Please make search HOLLY, Google and Google Scholar before you make a request to make sure that it isn't available.

Please note that all document supply requests must be completed with your Harper email rather than any personal email. 

Journal articles will be delivered to you electronically.


  • Undergraduates  are allowed up to 10 free requests.
  • Taught Postgraduates are allowed up to 20 free requests (unfortunately this does not include students of Improve International unless undertaking module A7097or A7114 who are allowed 3 requests).
  • Staff and research students – the number of requests provided will be at the Head of Library Service's discretion.


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