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Dr Richard Byrne

Dip. H.E., BSc.,MSc.,PhD.,FHEA, CGEOG, NSch.

Senior Lecturer

Richard has over 25 years of Pracademic (Practical Academic) experience in land management and food security. He has worked in a variety of challenging environments from Afghanistan and Angola to Nigeria and Zambia. In the last 15 years, he has been very much involved in advancing the field of Stabilisation Agriculture, and developing integrated livelihood solutions in countries affected by or emerging from conflict to promote food security and economic growth. As a result of this work, he has increasingly been involved in projects relating to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT), particularly in agricultural and rural settings. He is currently working in the Human Security space on climate change impacts on food security and its relationship to conflict and human exploitation.

With colleagues drawn from across the University and Ph.D. researchers, he manages the Rural Resilience Research Group (3RG) which focuses on stressors in the rural environment such as climate change,  farm crime, and modern slavery in agricultural systems both in the UK and overseas. 

Richard's teaching is focused on agricultural policy,  global food commodities trade, and their relationship to geopolitics and climate change. He has a particular interest in agricultural policy and climate adaptation and the Black Sea grain trade. In addition to teaching and research, he currently advises a number of Government departments, commercial organisations, and NGOs on the interface of food security, climate change, and conflict. 




Professional Memberships

Chartered Geographer of the Royal Geographical Society

Nuffield Farming Scholar

International Society for the Study of Rural Crime 

Member of the International Association of Military Geoscientists  

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)


Academic Department: Food, Land and Agribusiness Management

Tel: +44 (0)1952 815415

Fax: +44 (0)1952 814783

Office: F58 Jubilee Adams, Tudor Lodge and NW Building


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Other publications

  • Byrne, R. (2022) (forthcoming) Modern Slavery and Cross Border Transportation of People in The Encyclopedia of Rural Crime, Bristol University Press
  • Byrne, R and Smith, K. (forthcoming) (2022) Modern Slavery in Agrarian Settings in Rural Victims of Crime. Routledge
  • (2022)
  • Ministry of Defence - contributing author (2021) Ministry of Defence Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach (summary)
  • Byrne, R. (2020) The Agriculture Bill is radical, but it may not be enough to sustain smaller British farms London School of Economics and Political Science Brexit Blog
  • Byrne, R. (2020) Food, farming, land use, and net-zero. New agricultural policy for old UK Environmental Law Association 119
  • Adam-Bradford, A., El-Kahlout, G., Byrne, R., Wright, J., Rahman, M. (2020) Stabilisation agriculture: reviewing an emerging concept with case studies from Afghanistan and Iraq. CABI Review 15
  • Byrne, R (2019) A no-deal Brexit would be very tough for farmers – but will the public sympathise? London School of Economics and Political Science Brexit Blog
  • Byrne, R (2019) Farming in Brexitland: weathering the incoming storm London School of Economics and Political Science Brexit Blog
  • Verrall, N., Dunkley, M, Gane, T. & Byrne, R (2019) Dangerous Liaisons A ‘Big Four’ Framework that Provides a ‘Hint’to Understanding an Adversary’s Strategy for Influence The RUSI Journal 164:3, pp52-68
  • Smith, K. & Byrne, R. (2018) Reimagining Rural Crime in England: A Historical Perspective International Journal of Rural Criminology 4(1)
  • Byrne, R. (2018) The Common Agricultural Policy is dead: long live the BAP LSE Brexit Blog
  • Byrne, R. (2018) The migrant labour shortage is already here, and agri-tech can’t yet fill the gap LSE Brexit Blog
  • Smith K, Byrne R (2017) Farm Crime in England and Wales: A Preliminary Scoping Study Examining Farmer Attitudes. International Journal of Rural Criminology 3: 191-223
  • Byrne, R (2017) Building partnerships - Promoting water quality, biodiversity, and supporting farming in the north-west of England Case Studies in the Environment pps. 1–9. electronic ISSN 2374-538X
  • Byrne, R. (2017) The Durand Line Armed Conflict and the Environment Forthcoming
  • Byrne, R. (2017) The relationship between agriculture, food and conflict Armed Conflict and the Environment Forthcoming
  • Byrne, R and Smith, K. (2016) Modern Slavery and Agricultural Production Systems Routledge International Handbook of Rural Criminology. Routledge International Handbook of Rural Criminology.
  • The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime (2015) Organized Crime: A Cross-Cutting Threat to Sustainable Development G (Contributor to technical report )
  • Byrne,R. (2010) Horizon scanning rural crime - agroterrorism an emerging threat to UK agriculture? International Journal of Rural Crime, 1: 62-78, (Published in 2007, subsequently republished in a collected volume 2010 )
  • Byrne, R. (2009)  Agroterrorism, threats , preparedness and industry communication, Nuffield International 
  • Byrne, R (2007) Horizon scanning rural crime - agroterrorism an emerging threat to UK agriculture? International Journal of Rural Crime 1: 62-78
  • Byrne, R (2006) Beyond lovers’ lane – the rise of illicit leisure and pleasure in countryside recreational space Leisure/ Loisir : Journal of the Canadian Association for Leisure Studies Vol. 30, No.1
  • Byrne, R (2005)  Lessons to be learned from Ontario on how to tackle rising rural crime Farmers Club Journal Winter 2005, p10-11
  • Byrne, R (2004) Socio sexual use of public recreational space – managing the Public Sex Environment in Country Parks Proceedings of the Second National Conference, Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management Vol. 1 p351-358
  • Byrne, R (2003)  ‘Setting the Boundaries - tackling Public Sex Environments in Country Parks’ Proceedings of Royal Town Planning Institute Planning Research Conference, Wadham College, University of Oxford
  • Byrne, R (2002) AIDS in Zambia : the effect on subsistence farmers Geography Review Vol. 15, No,4
  • Byrne R (2000)  ‘Drought response in Southern Zambia’ Geography Review Vol. 13 No.3
  • Byrne, R (1996) Field Boundaries in Anglesey, Gwynedd’ Landscape Research Vol. 21 No. 2
Additional Information

Panel expert (Agriculture and Food) - Global Initiative against Transitional Organised Crime, GITOC, Geneva (2015-Present)

Member of Strategic Hub for Organised Crime Research, Royal United Service Institute (RUSI) 2017-Present

Member of UNFAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (2017-present)

Panel member - Food Standards Agency - Emerging Risks Forum (2012-2016)



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