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    Graduating veterinary nurses urged to wear badge with pride

    Posted 29 September 2014

    “You are the veterinary nurses of the future and you will be responsible for training the next generation, so wear the badge you are about to receive with pride.”

    Veterinary nurses swearing the professional oath - full group photo below.

    A fresh cohort of registered veterinary nurses said farewell to Harper Adams University in September, having graduated with BSc (Hons) or foundation degrees and entered the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Register of Veterinary Nurses. 

    RCVS VN Council Member Andrea Jeffery presented certificates to the graduating students and led them as they swore their oath as veterinary nurses. 

    She said: “Having successfully passed rigorous examinations you are here today to receive your certificates and badges as evidence of the work that you have put in to achieving this qualification. 

    “You are now eligible to enter the RCVS register of veterinary nurses which entitles you to practice legally as a veterinary nurse – a title to be proud of. 

    “I hear a lot of veterinary nurses say things like ‘I’m just a veterinary nurse’ when asked by clients or members of the public what they do. That sentence saddens me because of the word ‘just’. We play an important and integral part of the veterinary team in many practices. 

    “You will be responsible for the holistic care of a range of patients. You are the advocate for these patients, and as such you should hold your heads high and say ‘I am a veterinary nurse’. I believe that veterinary nursing can and should be a career for life - there are many post qualification opportunities for professional development. 

    “The non-statutory register for professional veterinary nurses and our code of conduct are even more important now, as you become the guardians of veterinary nursing and of our patients. With the updated code comes a declaration, which veterinary nurses are now required to make on professional registration in exchange for the right to practise. Today you will make this declaration. 

    “You are the veterinary nurses of the future and you will be responsible for training the next generation, so wear the badge you are about to receive with pride.”

    The veterinary nurses’ oath is “I promise and solemnly declare that I will pursue the work of my profession with integrity and accept my responsibilities to the public, my clients, the profession and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and that, ABOVE ALL, my constant endeavour will be to ensure the health and welfare of animals committed to my care." 

    Jane Thomas, Senior Lecturer at Harper Adams and veterinary nursing course manager, said: “It has been a pleasure to have known and taught every one of this year’s graduating Veterinary Nurses.

    “Studying for this professional award is not easy, but right from the start of their studies all students demonstrated commitment to the course and determination to succeed in their goal of becoming Registered Veterinary Nurses. Every one of them should be so proud of what they have achieved; I know that all members of the veterinary nursing department involved in their education are certainly very proud of each and every one of them. I wish them all the very best for a successful and rewarding career.”


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