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    The projects that we carry out in the CEBA span a broad range of topics and utilise a variety of different evidence collation and synthesis methods.

    The selected projects below highlight the variety of topics addressed and methods used. A more comprehensive list of current and recent research projects can be viewed using the links in the 'projects list' area below.

    Highlighted projects

    Critical review of food and feed safety vulnerabilities in the circular economy

    Aim: To describe the current degree of uptake of circular economy in Europe and to identify and characterise emerging risks for plant, animal and human health and the environment related to the circular economy, resulting from new hazards and new exposure pathways.

    Type of project: Critical review

    Funders: European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

    Purpose: To gather information and evaluate the evidence for vulnerabilities of circular economy for food/feed safety, plant, animal and human health and the environment.

    Partners: This multidisciplinary project includes staff from from across different departments at Harper Adams University, together with a specialist risk assessment consultant from Lancaster University.

    Evidence for humane stunning in the slaughter of wild-caught fish for food

    Aim: To identify and describe the evidence base surrounding humane stunning methods of relevance to the slaughter of wild-caught fish for food

    Type of project: Systematic map and feasibility analysis

    Funders: Humane Slaughter Association

    Purpose: To investigate the feasibility of humane stunning in wild-capture commercial fisheries 

    Partners: University of Gothenburg, Silsoe Livestock Systems Ltd, University of Kelaniya

    Critical Review of slurry storage ammonia emissions and their mitigation

    Aim: To better understand the factors that control release of ammonia from stored slurry and opportunities for reducing emissions during storage

    Type of project: Quick scoping review

    Funder: Environment Agency

    Purpose: To inform decision-making about mitigating ammonia emission from stored slurry 

    Partners: Bern University, Aarhus University, Stockholm Environment Institute York, Heathside Consulting

    Food waste management in the food retail sector

    Aim: To identify strategies used in food retail for managing food waste. The systematic map forms part of the 3-year €8m Horizon 2020 AgroCycle project addressing the recycling and valorisation of waste from the agri-food sector

    Type of project: Systematic map

    Funders: European Commission and Peoples Republic of China

    Lead Organisation: University College Dublin

    Purpose:  To identify strategies used in the food retail sector for managing food waste. 

    Partner: Harper Adams University & 24 other partners

    Potato Gap Analysis: Identifying the future crop protection needs for the potato crop

    Aim:  To identify gaps in potato crop protection across the sector, for a wide range of targets in the growing crop and storage.

    Type of project: Gap analysis

    Purpose: To inform crop protection research priorities and integrated pest management strategies in the sector. 

    Funder: Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

    Organics – Establishing the strategic framework.

    Aim: To assess the existing evidence base on the environmental and socio-economic impacts of organic production systems compared to conventional, of relevance to Scotland

    Type of project: Rapid Evidence Assessment and analysis of survey data

    Purpose: To inform Scottish organic policy

    Funder: Scottish Government 

    Partner: James Hutton Institute


    Student research 

    The CEBA hosts both funded and self funded student research projects. If you are interested in carrying out a student project we welcome informal enquiries. Examples of current and past research projects are listed below:

    PhD research

    MRes research

    Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students also work on evidence synthesis projects with centre staff. Below is listed a selection of 2021 student projects.

    MSc student research project titles

    • A conceptual analysis of how human-nature relationships are perceived within the conceptual frameworks that form the basis of current UK agri-environmental policy
    • The effects of tree species diversity on forest resistance to natural disturbance - A systematic map
    • How do grazed grassland communities affect soil quality?

    BSc (hons) research project titles

    • What is the available evidence for the effects on non-target terrestrial vertebrates (birds, mammals and reptiles) of commonly used neonicotinoids in arable crop production from 2016-2021? A systematic map

    Current and past research projects hosted by the CEBA

    Listed below is a selection of current and past projects led by CEBA staff:

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