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    Possible PhD projects

    PhD project titles are listed below, grouped by academic department, with the names of academic staff at Harper Adams University who could supervise each project.

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    If you are able to fund your PhD through your own or your Government's or employer's funding, or if you are intending to apply for a charity sponsored studentship or a Government loan, then please email the relevant member of staff if there are projects which are of interest to you and you would like further information.


    Agriculture and Environment
    • Strategies to improve reproductive performance of dairy cows -Dr Emma Bleach
    • Investigations of factors influencing oestrous expression / oestrous detection in dairy cows - Dr Emma Bleach
    • Feeding strategies to enhance early life and long term productivity and wellbeing of dairy bred calves - Dr Emma Bleach
    • Management of dairy bred calves to enhance wellbeing - Dr Emma Bleach
    • Mineral nutrition and the immune system - Dr Sandy Mackenzie
    • Alternative protein sources towards net zero carbon broiler chicken production - Dr Vasil Pirgozliev
    • Understanding and improving the feeding value of protein sources for broiler chickens - Dr Vasil Pirgozliev
    • Dietary influences on the rumen microbiome and its impact on the performance of dairy cows - Professor Liam Sinclair
    • Reducing the environmental impact of dairy cows (N/P/methane) and improving the fatty acid composition of milk - Professor Liam Sinclair
    • Improving the trace mineral nutrition of dairy cows - Professor Liam Sinclair
    • Enhancing biofumigation of potato cyst nematodes through optimal nutrient inputs - Dr Matthew Back
    • Use of solanaceous trap crops for the management of potato cyst nematodes - Dr Matthew Back
    • Integrated approaches for the management of wireworm in potatoes - Dr Matthew Back
    • Farmer attitudes to the uptake of sustainable technology/renewable energy - Dr Jonathan Cooper
    • Rural electrification in the Global South - Dr Jonathan Cooper
    • Urban agriculture: environmental, social and economic aspects - Dr Jonathan Cooper
    • Other titles involving qualitative research methods: questionnaires, interviews, focus groups etc - Dr Jonathan Cooper
    • Understanding mode-of-action of products for reducing drought and heat stress in crops - Professor Peter Kettlewell
    • Potential for ABA to manipulate timing of soft fruit ripening - Professor Peter Kettlewell
    • Identifying wild crops with traits of interest for breeding climate resilient vegetable crops - Dr Jim Monaghan
    • Managing the postharvest quality of fresh produce crops - Dr Jim Monaghan
    • Agronomic practices for urban production of fruit and vegetable crops - Dr Jim Monaghan
    • Influence of constant and fluctuating temperatures of aphid parasitoids - Dr Tom Pope
    • The biology, ecology and control of Otiorhynchus spp. affecting horticultural crops - Dr Tom Pope
    • Investigating the chemical ecology of aphid hyperparasitoids - Dr Tom Pope
    • Transforming the Urban Landscape through horticulture and technology - Dr Laura Vickers
    • Plant-herbivory interactions: Understanding the mechanisms of crop defense against aphids - Dr Laura Vickers
    • Understanding the agronomic and biological attributes for postharvest disorders in fresh produce crops - Dr Laura Vickers
    • Optimising Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in fresh produce production - Dr Laura Vickers
    • Evolutionary ecology and population genetics of fig wasp communities - Dr Simon Segar
    • Predicting herbivore host use from phylogenetic and plant chemistry data - Dr Simon Segar
    • Epidemiology and control of Fusarium head blight in wheat - Professor Simon Edwards
    • Epidemiology and control of Fusarium panicle blight in oats - Professor Simon Edwards
    • Biological control of Fusarium head blight - Professor Simon Edwards
    • Multifunctional vegetative strips to deliver ecosystem services on farmland - Dr Nicola Randall
    • The use of research and informative synthesis to improve agricultural decision-making - Dr Nicola Randall
    • Evidence syntheses to support decision making for food security resilience - Dr Nicola Randall
    • Data Science applications in Agriculture - Dr Ed Harris
    • Big Data and Sensors in Conservation Monitoring and Ecology - Dr Ed Harris
    • Computer vision applications in Agriculture and Environmental problems - Dr Ed Harris
    • Remote Sensing applications in Ecology and Agriculture - Dr Ed Harris
    • Data Automation in Biodiversity Monitoring - Dr Ed Harris
    • Artifical Intelligence Applications for Animal and Crop Monitoring - Dr Ed Harris
    • Nutrient removal and reuse from animal slurries and manures for nutrient application for crop growth - Dr Marie Kirby
    • Valorisation of agricultural residues and by-products through anaerobic digestion or pyrolysis - Dr Marie Kirby
    • Optimisation of anaerobic digestion - Dr Marie Kirby
    • Landscapes of support for mental wellbeing in farming - Professor David Rose
    • Just agricultural transitions with a focus on stakeholder inclusion - Professor David Rose
    • Responsible innovation of agri-tech - Professor David Rose
    • Human behaviour change in farming, including tech adoption, digital extension, farmer learning etc. - Professor David Rose
    Animal Health, Behaviour and Welfare
    Food, Land and Agribusiness Management
    • Cold chain management in meat storage, distribution and retail - Dr Karim Farag
    • Development and validation of an electronic nose-based zoonotic disease detection monitor for on-farm applications - Dr Lynn McIntyre
    • Developing a biosensor-based method for rapid detection of Listeria monocytogenes in food processing environments - Dr Lynn McIntyre
    • Developing an Electronic nose system to simultaneously detect on-farm food safety and animal disease problems - Dr Lynn McIntyre
    • The applications of bacteriophages in food manufacture to improve food quality and safety outcomes - Dr Lynn McIntyre
    • Healthy and Active Ageing in old people: the role of nutrition - Dr Helen Pittson
    • Valorisation of food waste with an emphasis on brewery and/or distillery waste streams (spent grain, spent yeast, etc). However, other food industry wastes will be considered as well - Dr Frank Vriesekoop
    • The Social Science of New Product Development with an emphasis on alternative dietary protein sources - Dr Frank Vriesekoop
    • Understanding the needs of people on a gluten-free diet, including any potential nutrition deficiences and affordability - Dr Frank Vriesekoop
    • Gluten free ingredient functionality - Dr Frank Vriesekoop
    • Protein chemistry for food and functionality. How to turn plant-based proteins into proteins for vegan dairy-mimicked products -
      Dr Frank Vriesekoop
    • Use of agriculture as a tool of political, economic and social stabilsation in post-conflict environments - Dr Richard Byrne
    • Developing agri-preneurship to build livelihoods in emerging economies - Dr Richard Byrne
    • Child labour in agricultural systems and supply chains - Dr Richard Byrne
    • Tackling modern slavery and human trafficking in agricultural systems and supply chains - Dr Richard Byrne
    • Farm crime prevention decision making - Dr Kreseda Smith
    • The impact of agricultural crime on farmer mental health - Dr Kreseda Smith
    • The role of service providers in tackling crime-related farmer stress - Dr Kreseda Smith
    • Farmer stress and ontological security - Dr Kreseda Smith
    • Studying the relationship between international trade and the environment from an international trade network approach - Dr Daniel May
    • Empirical analysis of agricultural trade liberalisation under imperfect competition - Dr Daniel May
    • Understanding consumers; perception of product differentiation from a behavioural point of view - Dr Daniel May
    • Understanding the taskscape in contemporary rural landscapes - Dr Daniel May
    • Competition policy and regulation - Dr Hairong Mu
    • Economic efficiency and sustainable development in the marine industry - Dr Hairong Mu
    • Pedagogic research in teaching and learning - Dr Hairong Mu
    • The role of education in technology use and adoption among farmers - Dr Hairong Mu
    • Governance of long and complex agri-food supply chain - Dr Iona Y Huang
    • Farmers decision making and innovation adoption - Dr Iona Y Huang
    • True cost accounting of sustainable farming - Dr Iona Y Huang
    • Integrated sustainability of land use changes/policies - Dr Iona Y Huang
    • Integrated sustainability of agri-food waste valorisation and minimisation - Dr Iona Y Huang
    • Sustainable consumption and food waste behavioural change - Dr Iona Y Huang
    • Macroeconomic Policies and Economic Growth - Dr Dimitrios Paparas
    • International Economics, FDI and International Trade - Dr Dimitrios Paparas
    • Agricultural Economics and Price Transmission of Agricultural Products - Dr Dimitrios Paparas
    • Assessing the impact of agricultural and environmental policies on farming - Professor Karl Behrendt
    • Assessing the economic impact of precision livestock technologies and management - Professor Karl Behrendt
    • Developing predictive and prescriptive decision support systems for farm business management - Professor Karl Behrendt
    • Bioeconomic modelling of precision grazing and feeding - Professor Karl Behrendt 
    • Economics of robotics for organic field crop and vegetable production - Professor James Lowenberg-DeBoer
    • Estimating the economic potential of automation of large scale farm equipment - Professor James Lowenberg-DeBoer
    • The impact of Covid in the longer term on demand and supply patterns in the food supply chain - Dr Jane Eastham
    • Losses to nutritional density as a supply chain issue - global/local - Dr Jane Eastham

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